Bluefin- Atlanta


Scott and I went to Bluefin to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. I chose it because it was on three Atlanta Top 10 lists: Best Overall Restaurants, Best Ambiance and Best Food.

The website description: Bluefin is an upscale casual Japanese Fusion restaurant featuring a lounge of impressive proportions. The menu is an exciting blend of modern Japanese cuisine with a pinch of American & European taste. The extensive menu features from unique Classic Caesar & special Japanese seaweed salad to exclusive Filet Mignon and fashionable Sashimi & Sushi platters. Bluefin is famous for a wide variety of Wines & Premium sakes as well.

Everything I expected based on what I read ahead of time was completely true. The ambiance was very nice- it was very modern and upscale but felt very comfortable at the same time. Our hostess (who was kind enough to take a few pictures of us) and waitress were very friendly and professional. The food was wonderful and presented so nicely that I didn’t want to eat anything right away because it looked so pretty! By going on a weeknight, we avoided the weekend crowds and had a very quiet and romantic anniversary dinner.

We ordered a lot of food! Scott ate calamari, soft shell crab, buffalo oysters and onion rings. I ate shrimp tempura, maui grilled chicken, grilled asparagus, grilled pineapple and yukon gold potatoes.  Scott did not like the soft shell crab very much but everything else was good. We were also pleasantly surprised by the food portions. Needless to say, we were stuffed by the end! Neither of us could finish our food. I had a really good cherry limeade martini which I plan to try to recreate as soon as possible! 🙂

Bluefin is a restaurant we will definitely go back to.


We booked our table through

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  1. I noticed that you were talking about maui grilled chicken in your post. However, when I read your post I was relieved to learn you werent talking about this Maui Grilled Chicken in Woodland Hills, CA. I had the worst food there and created a blog about it.

    Keep up the blogging and sorry for the double comment. I didnt know how to add a link 🙂

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